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The Role of Employee Education in Preventing Cyber Attacks IT stats slider The impact of 5G Technology On Cybersecurity Healthcare Industry 2023 slider Reddit Case Slider Comparing Attack Surface Management and Vulnerability Management Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model What is Cyber Incident Reporting?

The Role of Employee Education in Preventing Cyber Attacks

The level of cybersecurity training given to employees determines whether they are a strong first line of defense or a vulnerable, weak link.

Key Cybersecurity Stats for IT Professionals in 2023

According to research from the University of Maryland, every 39 seconds, someone is the victim of a data breach...

The Impact of 5G Technology on Cybersecurity

Discover how the implementation of 5G technology impacts cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Threats for Healthcare Industry in 2023

90% of healthcare organizations have reported a security breach in the past few years, with hospitals alone accounting for 30% of all major data breaches

Data Breach and C-Suite: Who Should Be Involved and How?

Even though no two businesses are exactly alike, there are standard procedures that the C-site should adhere to when responding to data breaches.

How CISOs and CFOs Collaborate on Cyber Investment

While CISOs should educate CFOs on how technology can aid in organizational goals, CFOs can also explain from their point of view how to effectively manage...

Exploring the Reddit Case-Effective Mitigation Tips and More

Reddit recently fell victim to a phishing attack, with the ransomware group BlackCat (also known as ALPHV) claiming responsibility.

Attack Surface Management Vs. Vulnerability Management

Learn the critical differences between Attack Surface Management and Vulnerability Management to choose the right approach for your company's cybersecurity.

What is the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model

Discover the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model(C2M2). Explore history, components, levels, benefits, and its power against evolving threats.

Cyber Incident Reporting: When and Why to Report

Learn the importance of timely cyber incident reporting for legal compliance and safeguarding your business from cyber threats. Find out when and why to report.