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Importance of VPN for Remote Employees

Published on Dec 01 2021

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a term used in computer networks to secure communication between two parties. VPN creates a safe passage between a highly vulnerable environment and lets the sender and receiver communicate in a secure way. In simple words, VPN is like the safest passage tunnel made of the strongest metal in the middle of a war zone. 

Due to an increase in cyber attacks, every SMB (Small & Medium-sized Businesses) started the use of VPN for their employees who work from home or access remotely. So, if you are not using VPN for work from home then you are in a war zone without any shield. Unsecure communication can lead to devastating consequences in your personal and professional life. 

Cybercriminals can launch successful active and passive attacks on your communication to obtain: 

  • Login credentials you are using to gain access to your company network from home
  • Any confidential data can be leaked
  • Private conversation can be achieved
  • Credit/Debit card numbers are at higher risk
  • Most employees use the same laptop for their personal and office use, which means their personal data is also at risk without the use of a VPN 

According to Fundera (A Financial Supporter to Small Businesses in the USA), 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, while 60% of businesses who were victims of cyber-attacks went out of business within six months. Cybercrimes are costing $2.2 million dollars to small and medium businesses per year. Therefore, securing an online presence is a need of time for all SMBs to survive in growing threats of cyber attacks and remain in the business. 

Moving ahead, a question may arise in your mind about how VPN does this protection and why it is mandatory for SMBs to use VPN?  


How VPN provides protection 

VPN performs two main functions to provide the protection you need. These functions are: 

Creating Private Network 

VPN creates a protected private network connection using public networks. This private network will hide your online identity so that no one knows who you are and what you are doing. Even your ISPs cannot figure it out. 


The next important function VPN provides is Encryption. VPN will encrypt all your communication so that no one can understand it even if they gain access to it. This feature makes the VPN more secure for the employees who do home-based jobs using VPN. 

By using these two functions VPN can provide secure communication in multiple ways which include: 

  1. Creating a single shared network (Site-to-Site VPN) between multiple offices of a company, which makes it secure from intruders 
  2. Providing secured and monitored external access 
  3. Creating secure remote access to a company’s internal network to prevent internal and external breaches of the company network. 
  4. Securing Man-in-Middle active and passive attacks and protection from other cyber-attacks as well. 
  5. Securing online sales and purchases. 
  6. Highly confidential official communication secured by VPN and Encryption
  7. Provide you and your clients with a sense of privacy and confidentiality. In the coming time, no one will trust companies that do not have a working security mechanism to protect their network from cyber-attacks. 
  8. Malware and Ransomware protection for your business

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Top reasons a company needs a VPN 

According to the reports published by Accenture in 2021, there was a 31% increase in the average number of attacks per company in 2020, while 82% of companies have increased their security budget by15% 

There are a plethora of reasons to use VPN, but we are going to discuss only those which are most important for SMBs. 

Remote Access 

Most of the SMBs have employees who work from home or sometimes employees travel to the client location. VPN is the best way to provide them with safe and secure access to the company's IT network. 

Secure Data Transfer 

Using VPN will provide secure data transfer from sender to receiver. If any adversary accesses this data, then it will be no use for them due to the encryption done by VPN. 

Online Privacy 

As privacy is a concerning matter nowadays. VPN will provide complete online privacy so that no one can trace you about who you are or what your activities are on the internet. 

Futuristic Approach 

Using a VPN for the security of the business is the futuristic approach for a business owner. Most of the users trust those businesses which are practicing cyber security precautions on daily basis. 

Defense Against Cyber Attacks 

By using VPN, the SMBs are less likely to encounter any cyber attack due to the protection VPN provides. The organization will be protected from Malware and Ransomware attacks along with other cyber-attacks. 

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VPN is becoming an essential part for small and medium businesses to secure their communications. Employees are directed to use VPN to connect the company’s IT network. An increasing number of security and ransomware attacks have forced companies to consider their security aspect more seriously than ever before. At the topmost, VPN work from home is increasing, especially we have seen a huge hike in home-based jobs during the pandemic, which is the direct indication that VPN is necessary to use to defend against cyber-attacks.

VPN is the only solution that can save companies hundreds and thousands of dollars and provide it with extra layers of security for the business. 









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