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Top Cyber Security Awards for Financial Companies

Published on Sep 22 2022

Financial companies are the backbones of any economy. Hence, people must have absolute trust in not only the services and products of financial companies but in their security as well.

Entering for cyber security awards and earning a badge is one such opportunity to establish authority and credibility in terms of data privacy.

Here is a list of the best cybersecurity awards for financial companies.

Best Cyber Security Awards for Financial Companies

1. FinTech Breakthrough Award

The Fintech breakthrough award is an annual event that recognizes and honors fintech innovators from all over the globe. The award provides public recognition to fintech companies in different categories, including Fraud Protection, Payments, Banking, and much more.

Eligibility: individuals, companies, and organizations involved in producing FinTech products and services.

Nomination deadline: October 1, 2022


2. Future Digital Awards

The Future Digital Award was launched in 2008 and has been known to recognize financial companies delivering innovative products and solutions.

The award has several categories, including Fintech and Payments, which borders on banking and anti-fraud services and innovative financial technologies and payment services.

Entries for the awards are accessed by a team of research analysts who draws a shortlist of potential winners.

Eligibility: Tech companies at the forefront of Fintech, Payments, Banking, Blockchain, Fraud, Security, and Retail.

Nomination deadline: Nominations for the 2022 awards are now closed.


3. Globee Business Awards

Global Business Awards recognizes accomplishments of businesses from around the world. The award has nine categories including Cyber Security Global Excellence Award, Business Excellence Award, Sales, Marketing, Service and Operational Award, and others. The Globee Awards nominations are reviewed by industry experts and professionals.

Eligibility: Financial companies are eligible.

Nomination deadline: Late December 2022


4. The Banking Tech Award

The Banking Tech Award is entering its 23rd year in 2022. The award recognizes innovation in the use of information technology in financial services worldwide.

FinTech Futures organized the award, and this year's ceremony will be held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel London.

The Banking Tech award has over 30 categories, including Best Use of Fraud Protection Technology, Best Use of Biometrics, Excellence in Tech Awards, and many more.

Eligibility: Open to banks, financial institutions, fintech companies, and services providers from across the world.

Nomination deadline: Nominations for the 2022 awards are now closed.


5. The Global Open Finance Award

The Global Open Finance Award is hosted by the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA).

The award celebrates financial institutions that have shown innovations in Open Banking and Open Finance to the marketplace.

The award has several categories, including best innovation in security management. This category recognizes financial companies that have done the most to protect consumer data.

Eligibility: Financial companies are eligible

Nomination deadline
: Nominations for the 2022 awards are not yet announced.


6. Cyber Security Excellence Award

The Cyber Security Excellence Award is an annual event that recognizes individuals and companies that have demonstrated excellence in information security.

 Financial companies can submit entries in various categories, including Fraud Prevention, Fraud Protection, Anti-Fraud, Compliance for Mobile Payments, Mobile Payment Security, Identity Proofing and Corroboration, and many more.

Interested participants can submit up to 10 awards nominations. The award winners and finalists get selected based on their strength in the nomination (leadership, excellence, and results in cyber security depending on the category) and popular votes and comments received from the cyber security community.

Eligibility: Cybersecurity products, professionals, and organizations.

Nomination deadline: The end of February 3, 2023, at midnight US Pacific.



The best cyber security awards for financial companies highlight companies that provide innovative and secure financial services to the public.

The list of reputable and credible cybersecurity awards for financial companies have been provided.

Financial companies applying for cyber security awards must research the category they are applying for to see whether they meet or fulfill the awards' requirements.


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