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Salience's Impact on Bank Cybersecurity

Financial Services and Banking,

Salience for bank security

About the Client:

Our bank client offers a suite of online banking and financial management services to individuals and businesses. As they handle sensitive financial and personal data, cybersecurity is of paramount importance to maintain customer trust and protect their assets. 

Key Challenges Faced:

The bank faced several critical cybersecurity challenges, including identifying and responding to cyber threats quickly and effectively and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. These issues posed significant risks to their customers' financial data security and the bank's overall reputation. 

Solutions Delivered by Salience: 

Salience provided the customer with comprehensive and automated pentesting to advance their threat detection and response capabilities. This empowered them to swiftly and efficiently prevent cyber attacks on their online banking portals and customer/partner APIs. The platform's user-friendly interface also made it easy for the tech team to represent essential risks to the non-technical stakeholders like the CEO, CRO and CFO, with an easy and nontechnical approach, as well as manage their cybersecurity posture effectively. 

Results and Impacts:

After implementing the Salience cybersecurity platform, the company experienced a significant reduction in the number of cybersecurity incidents. The CTO of the company reported increased productivity and enhanced customer confidence in their services. After each new version deployment of their fintech applications, they are confident that the Salience platform automatically tests its cyber resilience. 

“After researching multiple cybersecurity solutions, we were particularly impressed with the Salience platform's comprehensive and automated threat detection and it's user-friendly interface not only for technical staff but also nontechnical stakeholders like the CEO and CFO.  

The most impactful change for us was the speed of the penetration testing. With results now delivered every day instead of the previous 1 to 2 months. Furthermore, the Humanize team was extremely responsive and efficient in addressing our requests and resolving any issues that surfaced.”, - CTO of the bank. 


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