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Building a Secure IoT Ecosystem: How Salience Empowered a Telecom Company

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Building a Secure IoT Ecosystem

About the Client:

Our client is a top telecom company that provides IoT services and connectivity solutions to businesses and consumers. This case study uncovers how they tackled their cybersecurity challenges with the help of Salience. 

Key Challenges Faced:

Our customer needed to create a strong security system for its IoT ecosystem. Salience's comprehensive solutions addressed several critical challenges, including:

  • Vulnerability of connected devices: The company had unsecured or outdated devices that could be easy targets for cyberattacks, compromising data, and disrupting operations.
  • Lack of device visibility and control: Managing a large number of diverse devices across a vast network was challenging. It made it hard to spot unusual activity and enforce security rules.
  • Increased attack surface: As the network grew with more connected devices, it created new entry points for cybercriminals. 
  • Complex network infrastructure: Managing a complex network with various applications, devices, and protocols was tricky and increased the risk of security issues.
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations: The rise of IoT devices generated lots of sensitive data, requiring strict compliance with regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

Solutions Delivered by Salience:

By partnering with Salience, the company built a robust security system for its IoT ecosystem. Salience's solutions addressed these challenges: 

  • Protecting Intellectual Property: Salience's data loss prevention mechanisms safeguarded proprietary information and stopped unauthorized data transfers, which is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Securing IoT Devices: Salience continuously assessed vulnerabilities and detected threats in connected devices, reducing the potential for attacks and unauthorized access.
  • Monitoring and Protecting the Network: Network monitoring identifies suspicious activity and potential threats, allowing proactive defense against cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance: Salience helped manage sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and building trust with customers.
  • Unwavering Network Security: Continuous monitoring and advanced threat detection capabilities identified and neutralized potential threats before they could disrupt operations or exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Streamlined Data Privacy and Compliance: Salience simplified data management, ensuring compliance with complex regulatory requirements and fostering customer trust in data security practices.
"With Salience, we've created a secure environment for our customers and their connected devices. We can now confidently grow our IoT offerings, knowing that data privacy and network security are never compromised." -  Telecom Company Security Lead Manager


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