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Cybersecurity Resources for C-level Executives

Published on May 12 2022

Cybersecurity is not a one-time process or the responsibility of a few employees; it is a factor to consider in all corporate decisions and activities, as well as a practice that all employees must follow. Cybersecurity starts and stops at the top-level management. The CEO, in collaboration with the company’s senior leadership, must maintain a thorough grasp of the risks and bear ultimate ownership and responsibility for the company's cybersecurity actions and plans. 


Cybersecurity is like a Tower of Babel: Most C-levels don't understand what language security teams speak.  


To ensure that your company's cybersecurity is always up-to-date and comprehensive, you need to consider which area needs protection and what resources you have to ensure for that protection. 

The surge in ransomware attacks and 2000x increase in cyber security breaches are flashing red lights everywhere. Considering the situation, it is mandatory for C-level executives to remain up to date with the latest cybersecurity developments. Also, incorporate this information while developing business plans and making decisions. 

It is understandable that C-Suite executives are too busy with daily routine and communicating with many people. Nevertheless, this “can’t” be a justification for not keeping up with the cybersecurity of your organization. Here are some categorical resources for C-level executives to keep themselves up- to-date in terms of cybersecurity: 


News Websites   

HelpNet Security 

Covers cyber security news and provides a wide range of cyber security content including How-Tos, white papers, insights, events, analysis, reviews, and more. Can be helpful for security professionals and C-level executives. 


IDG (International Data Group) has published CIO. It offers articles about information and security, business strategy, leadership, and innovation with insights. 


Covers the topics of vulnerabilities, new threats, and technology trends. This site is a community of security researchers, IT specialists, and CISOs. 

Naked Security 

Offering opinions, advice, and news on cyber security and the latest threats. Owned by British security hardware and software company. 

CSO Online 

CSO is best to read to about security and risk management. It is not only for IT professionals, but business owners and C-level executives can also get insights of cybersecurity. 

Security Affairs 

Provides information about cybersecurity, malware, deep web, and hacks. Hosted by Pierluigi Paganini, who is a well-known security writer for multiple sites and magazines. 


Blogs & Magazines 

Humanize Security 

Cybersecurity for SMB’s blog from Humanize. Provides advice, opinions, and hacks of cybersecurity for C-Suite executives and board. 


Blog from well-renowned security researcher and investigator, Brian Krebs. He writes about cybercrimes, forensics, threats, and zero-day attacks. 

PC Magazine Security 

Collects latest news, How-Tos, and reviews on cybersecurity. Can be availed by C-level executives and IT professionals. 

InfoSec Resources 

Offers news about cybersecurity future trends, events, How-Tos, and advice for companies. Also provides security training in the form of mini-courses, tutorials, and eBooks.   

SC Magazine 

Provide news articles, videos, reviews, white papers, and more about cybersecurity. It also delivers a wide range of business and technical information resources. 

Data Insider 

Articles about how to protect data, security threats, research, and industry insights. Digital Guardian owns this bog. 



Mikko Hypponen 

International security researcher and advisor. Lectured in some of the world's top universities including Oxford, Cambridge, and Stanford. He also wrote for New York Times. Hypponen's focus is security breaches, and he will let you know which website was attacked and why. 

Robert Herjavec 

A successful entrepreneur in the IT security field. He tweets about life as a security entrepreneur, and he can be a great inspiration for business owners and specifically for SMBs. He founded the Herjavec group and lead it to become an industry leader. 

Daniel Miessler 

Miessler covers the scope of technical assessments and executive advisory. With over 120K Twitter followers, Miessler keeps sharing news about cybersecurity, other professional retweets, opinions, and more. 

Bruce Schneier 

The bestselling author and special advisor to IBM security. Bruce Schneier, nicknamed “The Security Guru”, will keep you updated about the latest breaches, insights, and technology. With over 140K Twitter followers he tweets and blogs daily. 



Professionals in every technical area must keep up with new developments, but when it comes to cybersecurity and the never-ending struggle between adversaries and those who fight them to protect their perimeter, it is an absolute requirement. Only keeping yourself aware of cybersecurity will not protect you, although it's mandatory to avail the services of any security firm to protect your business against malicious actors. 


Salience provides a quantified cyber risk management solution for C-suite executives and Board members that enables them to detect cyber threats earlier and make better decisions regarding their organization's cyber risk. As such, this solution can help organizations stay in operation while under attack, reduce time-to-detect and minimize the effects of a data breach on the business.  



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