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Top Cybersecurity Newsletters for C-levels

Published on Dec 29 2022

Most C-level executives have a difficult time focusing on cybersecurity, and it's important they get informed on the latest cybersecurity attacks, cyber-security news, tips to increase employee awareness, and even cybersecurity accounting advice. 

Humanize has compiled a list of top cybersecurity newsletters for C-level executives to keep abreast of all the cybersecurity news and developments in their businesses and industry. 

Top 10 Cybersecurity Newsletters for C-level Executives in 2023 

Ten sources of the best free cybersecurity newsletters available today are the following. 

1. Cyber Magazine

Cyber magazine features a newsletter that provides readers with the most recent tech news and expert analysis. This twice-weekly newsletter provides readers with the latest cyber news, including stories on cybersecurity, network security, application security, operational security, cloud security, technology, and artificial intelligence. 

2. The Hacker News

The Hacker News newsletter is designed to help readers stay informed about cybersecurity news and trends, including the latest hacking trends and stories. Hacker News has become a dominant publisher due to its massive social media following and catchy brand name. The articles on Hackers News are written in simple English, making them accessible even to those of us who are not seasoned, programmers or developers. 

3. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a must-read cybersecurity newsletter regarding cyber threats and C-suite-level risks. The newsletter includes real-time analysis of breaking news found online and a roundup of industry trends and important cybersecurity issues. Insights into cyber dangers, vulnerabilities, and technological trends are shared among members of the information security community on Dark Reading.
There are 14 distinct communities within Dark Reading, all of which focus on a different aspect of the
business security problem. 

4. E-Hacking News

The newsletter from E Hacker News is divided into three sections: Tips, Hacks, and Security. Here, the readers get all the latest hacking news that they can use to boost their IT security knowledge. The article includes stories on how hackers attack companies and their strategies to infiltrate the networks they have been hired to protect. 

5. Security Week

News, analysis and commentary on cybersecurity are all provided to readers of Security Week. Its accompanying newsletter informs readers about current events in the sector and emerging dangers, trends, and technological developments. Columns written by specialists in the field also appear in the newsletter. 

6. CSO

News and research from C-level executives are featured in the CSO newsletter. This newsletter covers many topics, including point solutions for IT security risks, strategies for boosting cybersecurity protection, and information about new technologies. 


 SANS is a global leader in cybersecurity education and training, offering courses to individuals and businesses throughout the globe. It holds events in a wide variety of nations, allowing attendees to gain valuable skills in data security. Due to their extensive knowledge in the field, they can distribute a newsletter including the latest cybersecurity news, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures. 

8. Info Security

Infosecurity Magazine (and its accompanying blog, email, and webinars) has served the information security community for over a decade, and its staff of authors has earned numerous accolades in the field. The publication has also hosted eight worldwide conferences. 

9. CISA-supported newsletters

New initiatives, CISA updates, and public safety interoperability information are provided in monthly bulletins from the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC) and quarterly newsletters from SAFECOM. 

10. Cyber Talk C-level Newsletter

Cyber Talk C-level is an online newsletter that contains highly relevant cybersecurity articles and news. Cyber-attacks occur every second, and the Cyber Talk C-level newsletter offers the latest precautions, tips, research, and methods to keep your company's data safe. 

C-level executives can use any of these newsletters to get up-to-date information to protect their organizations from cyber-attacks. They are all written by experts in the field and provide readers with information about incidents and details on emerging dangers. 


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