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What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Published on May 17 2022

The internet is vast, and most of us have only scratched the surface. Search engines like Google show only a tiny part of the total data available on the internet. You will have to sift through restricted access journals, subpages, and different sites to get the remainder of the information. 

Except for the portions of the deep web that the Dark Web disguises, everything we do online is visible, traceable, and watched. 

In this article, you will get in-depth information about dark web monitoring and how it works.  

What is Dark Web? 

The Dark Web is a secret network of websites that needs a unique web browser to access and is not indexed by any search engines. Search engines cannot access the web, and enterprises may hide their IP addresses. 

What is Dark Web Monitoring? 

Dark web monitoring is the technique of looking for and keeping track of sensitive information on a segment of the internet that is not accessible via standard methods. Site scrapers and web crawlers keep an eye on regions of the dark web where stolen data is often traded. These places include web pages, peer-to-peer networks, chat rooms, and many more.  

How Does Dark Web Monitoring Work? 

Dark web monitoring uses specialized technologies to maintain tabs on parts of the dark web and the internet that are often visited. A dark web scan may discover things like email addresses and passwords that are similar to your own. In addition, this monitoring may unearth more sensitive information such as social security numbers and bank account details. Upon detection, they will email you an alert to tell you that your information has been hacked. 

The Importance of Dark Web Monitoring Service 

Every year, thousands of companies become victims of cybercrime and identity theft. If you are not taking the necessary measures, you might very quickly become a victim of such circumstances.  

The service may be used to categorize hazards from strange sites in addition to scanning for data breach information. Companies that get notifications when their data is mentioned on the dark web may link such references to other sources of threats, allowing them to identify and mitigate risks more quickly. 

Ways to Protect Your Data from the Dark Web 

When cybercriminals get your sensitive information, they will either use it themselves to directly hack your accounts or they will sell it on the Dark Web to other cybercriminals. 

Once your data is available for purchase, buyers may use it for various purposes, including financial gain, which is a process in which hostile actors publicly release sensitive information about you for everyone to see. 

Here are some strategies for keeping your information safe from the dark web. 

  1. Scan the Dark Web

While the thought of having your sensitive information stolen and sold on the dark web is terrifying, it is preferable to be informed rather than to stay in the dark about the situation. If you have reason to believe that your enterprise’s information has been compromised, it is recommended that you do a dark web scan to establish if this is the case. 

  1. Maintain the most recent version of your software

Services that detect and remove malware and viruses are continually looking for new threats and improving their techniques. It is crucial to keep your software up to date to ensure that you are protected from the most recent and sophisticated attacks. 

  1. Practice a Safe and Secure Password Management

To do this, you should advise your employees to change their passwords every one to three months and use new passwords for every account.  

  1. Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication for Your Online Services

Multiple factor authentication (MFA) allows you to safeguard your accounts by requiring you to provide an additional security question. The site will also send a verification number to your phone or email address, which you will need to input to confirm your identity in addition to entering your password. 

  1. Make Sure You Have Proper Malware/Antivirus

Infections with viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, and malware are prevented by using anti-malware/antivirus software installed on your computer. If one of these apps is found, the software will warn you and delete the malware from your computer as quickly as possible. 

Dark Web Monitoring by Humanize Salience 

Salience helps enterprises discover and mitigate dangers throughout the dark web by using artificial intelligence. It accomplishes its mission by identifying and detecting potentially harmful actions and reporting any such occurrences that occur. Integrations with threat intelligence and artificial intelligence algorithms are utilized to filter and prioritize suspicious activity and alarms, which are then prioritized. This has a significant impact on the overall security of the dark web monitoring process. 


Even though dark web monitoring is intended to alert you when your sensitive information is found on the dark web, its usefulness is up for debate. Meanwhile, stolen data is being stored in the shadows of the dark web, where it is unnoticed. 

 Despite these restrictions, monitoring services may still be helpful since it provides a chance to mitigate the consequences of a data breach if your sensitive information has been compromised. 


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